How to take epic photo booth selfies!

Now, when a guest sees a photobooth they get excited and bring all their friends to join in for a picture. Here are some tips on how to take the best pictures to show-off to your friends and family. First, try to have a quick plan with what props and poses you are going to do before you start the count down. Some examples of fun poses include blue steel, blowing a kiss, charlies angels, waving, surprised face, fake laughing and if you are really good… a jump in the air. This means your timing has to be on point. The best way to achieve this is to wait for the flash and not rely on the countdown. The flash is the exact moment the camera takes the picture as it is directly connected to the camera whereas the countdown is connected to the computer and can sometimes be off by miller-seconds. This is how you get caught blinking.

The last trick is to look at the camera lens when the picture is being taken or the screen depending on the pose you are going for but never the flash. It is fun watching your friends squint and seeing a bright light after looking at the flash. Now that you know the secrets of taking great photo booth pictures with your friends, give them a go when you hire your next photo booth.

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